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Astrid Lindgren in our hearts!

New films from our most beloved storyteller

It’s now December and while preparations for the Christmas holidays are underway, wouldn’t it be nice to take a short break to relive some of the fantastic stories of Astrid Lindgren? In Viddla you can already find a large number of well-known favorites, but now we’re adding new classics. Among the new titles there are several films about the idyllic life of Tjorven and the other children in Saltkråkan – with both Swedish and Finnish audio, but we also have the older version of Rasmus på luffen – called Luffaren och Rasmus. The film came out in 1955 and was based on a radio play by Astrid Lindgren. She then reworked the manuscript into the book that now is more famous than the predecessor in film form.

Among the works of Astrid Lindgren there are a number of short stories, such as that of Ingen rövare finns i skogen, where young Peter steps into his mother’s old dollhouse and discover a secret world full of bandits and adventure. Secret worlds are a well-known theme in Astrid Lindgren’s authorship, in both Allrakäraste syster and Pelle flyttar till Komfusenbo, children are creating secret worlds around them to deal with the real world in different ways.

More anchored in reality is God natt Herr Luffare which tells the story of three children left home alone who gets an unexpected visit from a tramp named Manfred. Their mother has warned them about tramps and at first, they are afraid, but soon they discover that Manfred can tell stories and make Christmas decorations. Many are the gifts in the treasure trove of stories that Astrid Lindgren has left us with, so gather the family, watch and enjoy!