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The shortest day

December 21 is the shortest day of the year. Of course, we want to celebrate this by recommending some of Viddla's very best short films.

The curiosity for a world without gender takes us to a world of jellyfish and disco in the short film Space is quite a lot of things. Four trans people share their experience of how they relate (or don't relate) to their gender identity, and how they imagine their own queer utopia. It is also revealed whether one's gender identity can be felt in the toes or not.

18-year-old Oskar takes the night train home from Stockholm to Älvsbyn after a job interview. On the train, he sees Ahmad and gets eye contact. For the first time, Oskar encounters the same longing and attraction that he himself feels in Nattåget.

Two brothers from Thailand are in Sweden to pick berries, but a severe heat wave in the mountains has hindered growth. While the brothers despair, indebted for the journey, tourist Swedes bathe in the mountain lakes. Desperation grows in Berry Pickers, a striking film about global class differences. 

Seven-year-old Filip admires his older brother Sebastian most of all. One evening, Filip sees something unexpected happen between Sebastian and Sebastian’s best friend and he doesn’t know how to handle it. The film Filip won the Palm Springs International ShortFest award for Best Live Action 15 Minutes and Under.

Eighteen-year-old Rosanna's existence as a new mother in the countryside is hopeless and lonely. When her party-hungry friends show up one summer evening, the lines between teenage life and motherhood are blurred in the movie Älskling.

In this animated silent film, Mardjuret hears a cry and decides to follow it. At the bottom of a well, Mardjuret discovers something both frightening and familiar.

Published: 21/12/2023   Last updated: 21/12/2023