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Thursdaypremiere w. 13-14

Start the Easter weekend with one of our six new Viddla films.

Iqbal goes with the family to India when Aunt Fatwa is chosen as guardian of the Indian jewel. But the jewel is stolen and Iqbal's father is accused of the theft. How will Iqbal solve this? The Danish film Iqbal & the Jewel of India is based on Manu Sareen's books about Iqbal.

Join the little, green, horned Ogglies as they come to the idyllic village of Smelliville flying on a dragon in search of a new home. The Ogglies eat garbage, and there are plenty of that in Smelliville, which is a problem for the villagers. What will happen to their new home when the mayor wants to remove the garbage dump? See it in the film Smelliville.

Mute witness has been highlighted as one of the best thrillers of the 90s, where the plot revolves around a make-up artist working on a horror film. When she is locked in a film studio, she witnesses a murder and must fight to escape from the killer. To Billy's disadvantage, she is mute and unable to call for help.

In the sci-fi film Vesper, the Earth's ecosystem has collapsed and 13-year-old Vesper fights for her and her sick father's survival. She meets a mysterious woman who has a secret that could change their future. Vesper embarks on a journey to a place where oligarchs rule and the poor sell their own blood for benefits.

In Coma, an unnamed teenager is kept isolated in her room. All her contact with friends is online and she receives news from a mysterious Youtuber who calls herself Patricia Coma. With the YouTuber as a guide, the teenager throws himself into the online game Le Révélateur where the goal is to show that free will is only an illusion.

Satoka and her husband decide to adopt a boy. After a happy time as a family, a woman calls and demands her child back, when it turns out that maybe she didn't give her child away of her own free will. True mothers was Japan's 2021 Oscar entry.





Published: 28/03/2024   Last updated: 28/03/2024