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Sundsvalls library recommends

Film recommendations from Sundsvall City Library in selection of Mats Lind

My youngest son always says that "at the cinema you'll see either a SF-movie or a great action movie. Otherwise, you can as well enjoy it at home comfortably on the couch. " Perfect then with Viddla. Its not the Cinema but just as comfortable at home. Sure, there is a few SF-movies here but more of the kind I like too. "Small" movies with a limited role list and set-up. Funny or sad, dramatic or sorrowful. It does not matter as long as it's in concentrated format and a sharp dialogue.

In my selection (I'd like to see them all now!) I have a favorite that beats them all in terms of magnificence.

Film creation as an adventure: "Fitzcarraldo".

Published: 06/04/2018   Last updated: 06/04/2018