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Hong Kong action

The greatest export of the Chinese film industry

Martial arts in film has been a major part of Chinese cinematic tradition since the start in the early 1920s. During cultural revolution in the 1930s, the flourishing film industry ceased on the mainland, and the British colony of Hong Kong became a focal point for the free creation and innovation of cinema. Just like in the Chinese opera tradition, the story was often a mix of theater, music, dance, acrobatics and martial arts. During the early 70's, more and more specialized Kungfu artists started to emerge and with the arrival of Bruce Lee came the martial art films as we know them today. His status as a legend was crowned by the fact that he died young, only 32 years old. One of those who deeply admired and was influenced by Bruce Lee was Jackie Chan. Growing up within the Beijing Opera School, and with a passionate interest for action-packed and skillfully performed stunts combined with humor, he took the genre Hong Kong action to the western world during the 80's and 90' and is now a household name. In Viddla we can now offer eleven of the most formative films in the genres with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan in the lead. Enjoy!

Published: 23/10/2018   Last updated: 23/10/2018