Armour of God

15 yrs 88 minutes 1986 6.9

A former singer in the band The Losers, Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan), had changed vocation and now hunts for lost artefacts. He found a valuable old sword in an African village and auctioned it to the highest bidder. Shortly thereafter, he is contacted by a member of his former band. It turns out that his fiancée has been kidnapped by a religious cult and he now needs Asian Hawks help. The cult is trying to collect all the parts of an ancient armour called ”Armour of God”, and the sword is part of the set. Asia Hawk must now collect all the pieces and bring them to the cults secret temple to help his friend.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Action, adventure, comedy
Director: Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang
Actor: Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Rosamund Kwan
Country: China
Language: English