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Election week 2018

On Sunday, September 9th, Swedes gather to vote for who will lead the country for the next four years.

It is almost 100 years since the Swedish Riksdag decided on universal and equal voting rights and in 1921 women participated in the parliamentary elections for the first time. Democracy is the cornerstone of our society, and free culture is the cornerstone of our democracy. Whether it's about investigating the people in power through revealing reports like in Where to Invade Next, entertaining through satire as in A Good Week For Democracy or warn of possible future scenarios like in 1984 or The Wave, culture has an obvious and important role in a democratic society.

Below we have collected our favorite movies about politics. It's fun, inspiring and uplifting, but there are also films that criticize, highlight and call for action.

Vote in the election!

Published: 03/09/2018   Last updated: 03/09/2018