15 yrs 96 minutes 2016 7.6

Everything was going great for the popular Congressman Anthony Weiner, both career- and family wise, but then suddenly it all went south. In 2011 it was revealed that Weiner had sent obscene pictures threw social media and text messages to a number of women, and the scandal was inevitable. Despite of this, he decided to run for Mayor in New York two years later, but when new pictures leaked, Weiner’s career was destroyed once and for all. This documentary offers full access to Weiner and his family, as well as his campaign team and working life. His charisma and humor results in an unusually entertaining political meltdown. According to Kristoffer Viita of Kulturnyheterna, Weiner is a “very entertaining study of American moralism, cynical populism and a man who breaks, picks himself up, and breaks again, in a 24-hour news-cycle”. “Endlessly fascinating suicide”, Jan Söderqvist writes and gives it the highest rating.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, political
Director: Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg
Country: USA
Language: English