Scotty and the secret history of hollywood

15 yrs 98 minutes 2017 6.7

Scotty Bowers has meant a lot to Hollywood's all-stars. After his participation in World War II, he devoted nearly half a century to serving the industry's stars with everything they needed. Outwardly, they lived a glamorous life according to society's values, but behind the facade was another reality, and there were Scotty Bowers and his service. This is the scandalous story about the counselor and the pimp's life, and how he helped and supported these people. We hear Scotty Bowers but also Stephen Fry, Lois Bowers and Lee Shook talk about this historic time.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography
Director: Matt Tyrnauer
Starring: Scotty Bowers, Lois Bowers, William Mann, Stephen Fry, Dian Hanson, Peter Bart
Country: USA
Language: English