Shooting the Mafia

15 yrs 94 minutes 2019 6.8

When journalist Letizia Battaglia discovered that it was easier to sell her articles if they also had photographs, she began to bring a camera on her assignments. It was the beginning of a long love story for the art of photography that became her great passion. Through the camera lens, she has documented a wide range of life in Sicily but is above all known for her many photos of the devastation that the mafia has left in its path on the island. Documentary filmmaker Kim Longinotto mixes the harrowing photographs with interviews and film clips from Battaglia's long carrier depicting the brutal reality, but we also get to see several of the mafia's leaders brought to justice and convicted. Shooting the Mafia was nominated for awards at several major film festivals, including Berlin, Stockholm, and Sundance.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, gangster
Director: Kim Longinotto
Starring: Letizia Battaglia
Country: Ireland, USA
Language: English, Italian