Kvinnorna på fröken Frimans tid

7 yrs 120 minutes 2016

In this documentary we meet some of the brave women who stood on the barricades and fought for voting rights and equal value of women. In the documentary we meet the real Fröken Friman, Anna Whitlock, who fought for female voting rights, and doctor Karolina Widerström who fought against prostitution, and Frigga Carlberg, who started orphanages for infants, conceived outside a marriage. The popular tv-series Fröken Frimans war is a reason why the hostess Kattis Ahlström traveled around the country to find out and show the true story of these women. Through interviews with relatives and scholars, archival material and old movie clips you can learn about the women's struggles in a two-piece documentary.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, historic, political
Starring: Kattis Ahlström
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish