From Caligari to Hitler

11 yrs 119 minutes 2014 7.3

The Weimar Republic (1918-1933) was a time of political fragmentation, economic crisis and cultural brilliance. The German film industry made the foundation for the German aesthetics which continues to fascinate to this day. Films like Metropolis, Doctor Caligari, M, Nosferatu and Berlin, die Sinfonie der Grosstadt is still some of the most influential examples in film history. Famous names like Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings, G.W. Pabst, Billy Wilder and F.W. Murnau helped create this era. Rüdiger Suchsland’s documentary is a thorough examination of what the Weimar Republic meant for film history, as well as for the German nation. The film also depicts a society in change, a world heading to war.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, historic
Director: Rüdiger Suchsland
Country: Germany
Language: German, English