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Thursdaypremiere w.27-28

Daytrading, 80s horror and aspiring criminals are some of the ingredients in this week's films at viddla.

It is lonely and demanding, the life of a daytrader. But she is ambitious and does not quit. Trader is this week's stock market related film. 

Rawhead Rex (subtitle: He lives again, to feed again") sends us straight back to the 80s and the combination horror/monsterfilm. A terrifying or funny concept, depending on how you like these types of movies. As one viewer describes it: "Accept the genre...and just go with it". 

Energetic 90-year-old William Shatner tells story from a long life as an actor in William Shatner: You can Call me Bill from 2024. He is most famous for his roles in Star Trek, The Practice and Boston Legal, and is currently the oldest to have space-travelled. 

In Snälla kriminella two unemployed losers try to earn fast cash to solve their problems. MV Baboo and Sasan decides to commit a series of robberies, but they are quickly being pursued both by police and dangerous gangsters. 

They are battling in the air, in the Battle over Britain. A young pilot and his battle comrades work to defend their flight station - and their country. 

In Rödskägg we travel back to the 1800s in Japan, where a hot-tempered doctor trains a young intern. 

Enjoy the movie-week!



Published: 04/07/2024   Last updated: 04/07/2024