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Thursdaypremiere w. 19-20

Love, liberation, unexpected friendships, challenges and much more, this Thursday premiere!

Reality-based Beneath Hill 60 takes place during the First World War. Oliver Woodward who has just met the love of his life must go into the war underground with the mission of detonating a bomb. The mission is met with resistance from the German soldiers and leads to a life and death struggle.

Unclenching the fists is a depiction of a young woman's attempt at liberation, set in the Ossetian village Mizur. The young woman Ada lives with her family and dreams of creating a life of her own, which is difficult because of the family's overprotection. The film was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Two men set off on a journey down to the south of France – in a hearse – in the French comedy-drama Beautiful minds. 40-year-old, wise and intelligent Igor, born with cerebral palsy, works everyday delivering organic vegetables on his bicycle. One day he and his bike are hit by a car. The car’s driver, 58-year-old undertaker Louis, is a worldly man, but rather bitter. The sudden meeting becomes the beginning of an unexpected friendship.

American drama film 99 homes is about recently unemployed single father Dennis Nash who struggles to get his childhood home back after his boss – the ruthless real estate tycoon Rick Carver – kicks him, his mother and his young son out. However, Carver presents him with an enticing opportunity, but it is an offer that challenges his conscience.

Russell Crowe stars as Jake Davis, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, in the drama film Fathers & Daughters. When Jake's wife dies in a car accident, he is suddenly left all alone with his 5-year-old daughter Katie. He loses his footing in life and is weighed down by feelings of guilt while trying to make everyday life work so that relatives do not take his daughter away from him. The story also depicts the adult Katie, who wrestles with the demons from her childhood.

What if is about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) who is a hopeless romantic. He drops out of college after his girlfriend cheats on him. He meets Chantry at a party, and they like each other. However, she has a partner that she does not want to break up with and Chantry and Wallace become close friends instead of a loving couple. But it is not easy to try to be only friends with your great love.

Wicker Park is a movie about Matthew (Josh Hartnett) who is very much in love with his girlfriend Lisa. But suddenly she disappears without him knowing where she has gone. Two years later, Matthew has begun to get over his great loss and is engaged to a new woman. But one day he thinks he catches a glimpse of her in a restaurant and an intensive search for Lisa begins. Until Matthew thinks he's found her.

Youth is an award-winning film about Fred, who is a retired composer and conductor. Fred has gone away and lives with Mick in a fancy hotel. Both are in their 80s and want to live life to the fullest. Mick is still active as a film director and is writing his last script, but Fred is not interested in resuming his career. But then he suddenly receives an invitation from Queen Elisabeth II.

Published: 10/05/2023   Last updated: 11/05/2023