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#thursdaypremiere w. 16

We move between animated forest adventures, unauthorized, impossible and dangerous relationships, to a roadmovie through Sweden and Alfons Åberg's thoughts on some of our minority languages. This week’s films span over great but wonderfully different topics!

In the film In the Forest of Huckybucky, it turns out that Klas Klättermus and his little friends in the Huckybucky forest live dangerously.

In the three times Oscar-nominated Little children, Brad and Sarah meet at a playground where they go with their children. Both are having problems in their relationships and they start a passionate affair. The film revolves around the two of them but also the people in their surroundings.

Jonah returns home three years after his mother, a famous war photographer, died in a car accident. For the first time since the funeral, he is forced to spend time with his father and younger brother to go through the mother's photographs before an upcoming exhibition. How this goes can be seen in the film Louder than bombs.

Jonas Selberg Augustsén has previously made films in Meänkieli and in Sami. In The garbage helicopter it’s time for Romani. The garbage helicopter is a roadmovie where three young Romani kids drive over 600 miles through Sweden in an old Saab to drop of an old wall clock to their grandmother.

Disconnect is about the consequences of modern technology and how it affects our daily relationships.

In Mug we meet Jacek. His face is disfigured in a serious workplace accident and he becomes the first person in the country to undergo a face transplant.

Alfons leker Einstein contains three stories, two of which are based on the books Hur långt når Alfons and Alfons och soldatpappan and the third on the original manuscript Alfons leker Einstein. The film can be seen in some of our minority languages!

Published: 15/04/2019   Last updated: 15/04/2019