Alfons leker Einstein

Allowed 40 minutes 2018

Alfons leker Einstein contains three films, two of which are based on the books Hur långt når Alfons and Alfons och soldatpappan, and the third one is based on a original script: Alfons leker Einstein. Seven-year-old Alfons is thinking about everything. Where does everything start and end? How much of Alfons is really Alfons? If you spit on the street, is it a piece of yourself lying there in the saliva? Alfons has a new friend, Hamdi, and they often play war games. Hamdi's father has been in the war, a real war. Alfons and Hamdi want his father to tell them about the war. But his father does not want to talk about it. Alfons is thinking about inventions and inventors. Together with Hamdi and Milla, he makes a book of inventions and tests them out.   

This version of the film can only be seen in some of our minority languages!

Voice in Sami – northsami: Paul Ol Jona Utsi
Voice in Meänkieli - tornedalsfinska: Anton Hennix Raukola
Voice in Romani - kaale: Domino Kai

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family
Voices: Paul Ol Jona Utsi, Anton Raukola, Domino Kai
Country: Norway
Language: Meänkieli, Romani, Sami