Thomas & Friends - Thomas and the Lighthouse

Allowed 61 minutes 2009

Thomas & Friends is a British television show based on the author and railroad enthusiast Wilbert Awdry's best-selling children's book series The Railway series. Thomas the Tank Engine lives on the Island of Sodor, where he works at the railway station together with other locomotives, drivers and conductors. In this episode Thomas is given a special assignment, he must deliver a light bulb to Sodor's lighthouse. Thomas knows that the bulb is fragile and must be delivered before its dark so that the ships can find the way, but he cannot resist the temptation to go a little faster. A little bit too late Thomas sees the obstacle on the railroad and cannot stop and crashes, and the lightbulb is crushed. Will Thomas have the time to pick up a new light bulb and still be in time for Sodors lighthouse?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, family, animation
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Swedish