Pettson nad Findus - Findus move away from home

Allowed 81 minutes 2018 5.1

Old man Pettson and his energetic and mischievous cat Findus are back, and this time Findus has decided that he is old. Old enough to move out and live alone outside the house. Since Findus has the habit of jumping in his bed early in the morning and waking Pettson up, Pettson thinks this might be a good idea. He rebuilds the outdoor toilet into a separate room for Findus, and Findus is fire and flames over his own cozy space, but soon the two friends begin to miss each other's company.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Animation, children, family
Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi
Voices: Dan Ekborg, Dorothea Norling, Allan Svensson, Ewa Roos
Country: Germany
Language: Swedish