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Viddla launches labeling of films with support for audio description via mobile apps!

There are various mobile apps (BioPlay, MovieTalk, SubTalk and VoiceVision) for smartphones, which the Swedish Film Institute funded the development of.

These act as aids for enabling audio description of films. The apps contain all films that support audio description. When the app with the current film is started, the microphone listens for the movie sound and when it recognizes, playback starts.

Viddla, together with Syntolkning Nu, which makes audio description of films for cinema and streaming in Sweden, has produced a label so that it will be easy to find which of our films are supported by the apps.

All of our films with support for audio description via the mobile apps are now easily filtered out on the film page by clicking on the genre "Audio description".

Of course, all future films we add with this support will be easily filtered out.

The Viddla Team

Published: 21/10/2019   Last updated: 21/10/2019