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#thursdaypremiere w. 19

Inhospitable and threatening environments are the common scene of this week’s Viddla films, taking place in places full of conflicts and alienation where people must rely on each other’s benevolence and love to overcome dangers.

In the midst of the burning war, a mother does everything she can to create a safe place for her family in the film In Syria.

In the film The space between us, unexpected circumstances lead to a boy being born on a space station on Mars. When he as a teenager visits Earth for the first time, the planet that should have been his home is alien to him and Earth's atmosphere is dangerous to his body.

Walkabout is a classic film from 1971 about a teenage girl and her little brother who is stranded in the Australian wilderness and is assisted by a young aborigine to survive in the unfamiliar environment.

A feud between neighbors over the shadow of a tree starts to escalate into a full om conflict in the Islandic film Under the tree.

In the animated adventure Bilal, a young boy is abducted along with his sister and taken to a foreign land filled with injustice and greed. But Bilal is not afraid to take up the fight against injustice and raise his voice.

Family ties and loyalty are set against one another in the film 1%, which takes place in the world of criminal MC gangs. A world where strict hierarchies and code of honor govern how everyone acts.

Published: 07/05/2019   Last updated: 07/05/2019