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#Thursdaypremiere w. 17-18

No one can blame us for being simplistic. This week we have a nice mix of movies to show you. Choose from the Italian classic Miracle in Milan or Werner Herzog's Heart of glass. Would you rather watch a movie about strong women we have Portrait of a lady on fire and Carmen & Lola who take us on two breathtaking love trips, the engaging upbringing drama Binti, or why not the true story of Petrunya who is struggling to keep what is hers in God exists, her name is Petrunya.

Miracle in Milan is De Sica's imaginative film about an orphan boy in Milan trying to do good and get unexpected help from Lolotta, and all his wishes will now be fulfilled! Or...

Werner Herzog claims that during the screening of the peculiar masterpiece Heart of Glass (1976), which is one of his most critically acclaimed films, he claims to have mesmerized his actors and directed them in trance.

In Portrait of a lady on fire we are in France in the 1760s and the artist Marianne is to paint the portrait of the wealthy young Héloïse. But since she does not want to be painted, this must be done in secret. During the work, the women fall in love with each other and they become painfully aware that when the portrait is complete, they will not meet again.

In Carmen & Lola we meet sixteen-year-old Lola who falls in love with her cousin's fiancee Carmen. Despite being raised in religious homes where the homophobia is extent, they fall in love. They keep their relationship a secret and together they try to create a life in an environment that would never accept their love. But is love worth the risk of being displaced by one's family?

Paperless Binti grows up in Belgium with her dad and wants nothing more than become a famous vlogger. When suddenly forced to flee, existence is at its forefront. How will Binti fix so that her dad and she can stay?

In God exists, her name is Petrunya the depressed 32-year-old Petrunya challenge the patriarchal structure of her small town. Every year the village priest throws a wooden cross in the river, the men jump in and try to catch it. The man who catch the cross are promised happiness and prosperity for the coming year. This year Petrunya captures the cross.

Published: 22/04/2020   Last updated: 22/04/2020