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#thursdaypremiere w. 18

Animated children's movie, black and white classic or colorful action – what is your pick for the weekend?

The sweet life is the classic by Italian director Federico Fellini, who has been nominated for no less than 12 Oscars. This film represents four of the nominations, one of which was a win. Anita Ekberg plays one of the main roles and Walter Santesso plays the character Paparazzo, which came to give the name to a whole profession.

In the film Deep, we follow a small octopus who, after having encountered problems in the fishing colony that he and his friends live in, have to go away for an adventure to make everything right. The journey takes them through underwater cities, sunken ships and spectacular discoveries.

Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, and Willem Dafoe are some of the actors in What Happened to Monday. Noomi Rapace plays all seven children in a family trying to fool the system in an overpopulated society where a drastic one-child policy prevails. Named after the weekdays, they take turns to leave the apartment, but one day, one of the daughters never gets home...

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Published: 03/05/2018   Last updated: 03/05/2018