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Thursdaypremiere w. 47-48

New films in Viddla, between reality and fantasy and about the bright and dark sides of life.

Mediterranean Fever depicts an unexpected friendship where Waleed dreams of becoming a writer while suffering from his depression. As he gets to know his neighbour, he begins to experience the bright and dangerous sides of life.

Allelujah is set in a Yorkshire hospital where the elderly ward is threatened with closure. To try to save the ward, the hospital invites a film crew to document their preparations for a tribute concert for one of the nurses.

The South Korean thriller Remember is about Pil-Joo, a former soldier and now in his 80s, with incipient Alzheimer's disease. During the Japanese colonial era, he lost his entire family, and before his memory fails him, he must seek revenge on those who killed them.

Blind willow, sleeping woman is based on Haruki Murakami's short story collection of the same name and is a mixture of fantasy and reality. Tokyo is in danger of being hit by an earthquake, which a frog and a cat try to prevent together with three peculiar people.

20 years ago, Sophie and her father Calum took a holiday in Turkey together, the first since her parents' divorce. Sophie now thinks back on this trip and the carefree, nice days in the sun, but where her father Calum's melancholy began to show more and more. Charlotte Wells' drama Aftersun had its world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

In Purple noon, the rich Herbert Greenleaf asks Tom Ripley for help in trying to get his son Philippe home from Italy to the United States. Greenleaf is tired of Philippe living the life of a playboy. Ripley accepts the challenge but finds it hard himself to resist the sweet life on the Amalfi Coast. Suddenly, Ripley starts thinking about different solutions to get rid of Philippe and be able to take over his identity.

In the documentary The March on Rome, Mark Cousins ??tells how fascism was born in Italy and eventually spread across Europe. In what is part essay film, part historical document, Cousins ??shows that the past reflects our time. It is a time when the mass media is being manipulated and the extreme right is slowly growing again. Aftonbladet's reviewer Emma Gray Munthe writes that Mark Cousins ??is like "a passionate, wise and infectious guide with a thirst for knowledge who leads the way through the enlightening and atmospheric picture collages".

Free Chol Soo Lee is a documentary that describes the San Francisco of the 70s when the Korean immigrant Chol Soo Lee was arrested after racial profiling and was convicted of gang murder. After several years of fighting for his survival in prison, the journalist K. W. Lee begins to dig into the case, which becomes the beginning of a more extensive fight for the pursuit of justice.

Published: 21/11/2023   Last updated: 21/11/2023