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Vetlanda library recommends

Vetlanda Library will start 2021 by highlighting some very worth seeing documentaries

In 20,000 Days on Earth, a day is drawn in the life of the musician Nick Cave. We get glimpses from the analysis chair and flashbacks to people around Nick Cave. Touching and beautiful about an artist who has gone his own way.

White Riot - Director Rubika Shah presents the emerging punk movement and their opposition to fascism through music. A current documentary loaded with punk rock by Steel Pulse, Sham 69 and The Clash.

In The Wolfpack, six brothers grow up in an apartment in New York isolated from the outside world. They create their own expression through movies and Tarantino is their house god. One day, the eldest brother goes out in the hustle and bustle of the city when the father is out on a errand ...

Can a work of art express anything and what is it really worth? That and many more questions are examined by director Marco Proserpio in The Man Who Stole Banksy. The world-famous street artist Banksy painted political motifs in 2007 on the wall that runs through Bethlehem in Palestine. But the artwork was stolen and sold expensively on ebay. Fascinating about an artist's work. Banksy's identity has been hunted for 30 years without being revealed.

We want to highlight these and nine more fantastic documentaries.

The staff at Vetlanda library

Published: 07/01/2021   Last updated: 07/01/2021