The man who stole Banksy

Allowed 93 minutes 2018 6.2

In 2007, world-renowned street artist Banksy traveled to the West Bank to make art pieces on the controversial wall that runs through Bethlehem in Palestine. The plan was to turn the world's eyes towards the conflict, and reactions in Palestine where mixed. Many appreciated the experiment, while others questioned the actual value. One of the motives stirred strong emotions: a border guard requesting identity paper from a donkey. When two men took things in their own hands and disassembled the wall with the art and sold it on Ebay, a whole new question arose that shifted focus from world politics to art history and ownership of intellectual property: who owns valuable street art and how should it best be preserved?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Political, society
Director: Marco Proserpio
Actor: Katrin Ahmad, Alaa Al-Shallabi, Shams Aldeek
Country: Italy
Language: English