Wine Calling

7 yrs 95 minutes 2018 6.5

There are over 3,000 winemakers in France. A small number of these, less than three percent, strive to grow organically, biodynamically and with traditional methods without sacrificing the culinary aspects. On the contrary, they claim that it is through these methods that the secret of the best wines can be unlocked. French director Bruno Sauvard spend a year following winemakers in southern France, from harvest to bottling as they manually crush grapes by foot, explore sustainable production chains and try to find tomorrow's quality wine by looking at traditional as well as modern alternative methods.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Nature, political, society
Director: Bruno Sauvard
Starring: Laurence Manya Krief, Michael Georget, Sylvain Respaut, Olivier Cros
Country: France
Language: French