Carmine Street Guitars

7 yrs 80 minutes 2018 7.2

Over the years, much has changed in Greenwich Village, the characteristic bohemian shops are disappearing, and luxury shops and fine dining restaurants are opening their doors. But one store that still holds the bohemian aura high and still keep them open is Carmine Street Guitars. A small shop where Rick Kelly and his apprentice Cindy Hulej build amazing guitars. The high quality and sound of the guitars can be seen in the customer register, which includes Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Lou Reed. For five days we follow the work in the small shop and listen to both music and praise.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Music, society
Director: Ron Mann
Starring: Eszter Balint, Christine Bougie, Nels Cline, Cindy Hulej, Rick Kelly
Country: Canada
Language: English