Sara med allt sitt väsen

7 yrs 75 minutes 2019 5.9

In this documentary we get an insight into Sara Lidman's rich and poetic life. The girl from Missenträsk who became the author who created a language unlike any other. But who was she behind the political truths and the critics' praise? She digs into her own family's history and writes a novel series that exposes colonialism and predation in the forest throughout Norrland. She always defends the trees against toxins and devastate. And all her life she longs for love. Aftonbladet's Stefan Hedmark writes that “Interviews with other people in Sara Lidman's life, or profiles that were politically active when she was, might have contributed to a more complete, challenging portrait of her. But Gunilla Bresky captures in a poetic way what feels like the essence of the author's life.”

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, nature, society
Director: Gunilla Bresky
Actor: Ellenor Lindgren, Henny Mossberg, Malin Ackermann
Starring: Sara Lidman
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish