Feels good man

11 yrs 90 minutes 2020 7.5

When cartoonist Matt Furie created the character Pepe the Frog, he could not imagine what it would lead to. Pepe was one of four characters in the comic Boy's Club about a group of young slackers who shared an apartment after college. The series became popular on the internet and soon Pepe the Frog's face began to appear in memes. But what began as occasional, harmless jokes grew into something completely different when the alt-right movement in the United States began using Pepe to spread hatred. To his horror, Furie sees his character taken away from him and used for something he does not endorse. This documentary shows Fury's struggle to regain control of his creation.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Political, society
Director: Arthur Jones
Starring: Robert Barnes, Samantha Bee, Jeremy Blackburn, Matt Furie, Emily Heller
Country: USA
Language: English