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Thursdaypremiere w. 17-18

Wine tasting, robots and film classics among this week's new films in Viddla!

Homeless and invisible, outside of society and under the radar, the twins Sister and Brother struggle to survive. When they receive a joboffer transporting goods from one point to another, they see an opportunity to get out of the harsh existence. But it seems too easy.

In the romantic drama comedy The Tasting we meet Jacques and Hortense who meet during a wine tasting. Divorced Jacques runs a wine shop under the threat of bankruptcy, and Hortense is hopelessly single, searching for love. Maybe they can be something for each other, or is everything just turned upside down?

Robots depict how life can change if it is possible to make a robot copy of yourself. It's the year 2032, Elaine and Charles' copies are being used to trick people into relationships. When the robots escape, they must find them before their deceptions are discovered.

The Dam Busters portrays World War II from Britain's perspective. The British Air Force's objective is to destroy three large dams in Germany. At first it seems impossible, until a scientist invents a weapon that can make them succeed.

The classic Escape from New York takes place in 1997, where Manhattan has been turned into a prison. When the President of the United States crash lands in the prison, there seems to be no way for him to get out. The only way out seems to be with the help of bank robber Snake Plissken.

In Yakari - a spectacular journey, Yakari must go on an adventure to find the wild horse Little Thunder. During the journey, Yakari gets lost, but when he meets the Great Eagle, he gains the power to talk to animals. Will Yakari manage to find Little Thunder?

Published: 25/04/2024   Last updated: 25/04/2024