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#thursdaypremiere w. 26

In this week's Viddla films we find a feelgood family film and a nail-biting thriller as well as a relationship drama and a comedy among others.

In My king, Tony re-evaluates her complex relationship with Georgio after a severe injury and poses the question: must love always come with pain?

Ursli lives a simple but happy life in the Swiss Alps until one day the family loses its source of income and he risks losing both his beloved goat and the fine bell he received from his grandfather in the family film Little Mountain Boy.

When Jake and Tony meet, they immediately become good friends even though they are very different. But their friendship is threatened when their parents find themselves in a financial feud in Little Men.

Accattone is Pier Paolo Pasolin's debut film and  shows the story of the criminal Vittorio "Accattone" Cataldi and his attempt to get his life together in the poor parts of 1950s Rome.

In Bad moms, Amy (Mila Kunis) tries to be the perfect mother who has everything under control when one day she just can’t take the pressure anymore and teams up with two other mothers who are also tired of the inhumane demands of perfection.

An English couple meet a rich Russian businessman on a vacation in the John le Carré thriller Our kind of traitor. He asks them for a favor, and soon they find themselves involved with both British intelligence and the Russian mafia.

Ballet dancer Susie is admitted to a well-reputed ballet school in Berlin, but soon realizes that everything is not what it seems when the teachers turn out to be witches in Suspiria.

Published: 27/06/2019   Last updated: 27/06/2019