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Thursdaypremiere w. 25-26

Prepare for Midsummer weekend with eight new Viddla movies.

The conference depicts the Wannsee Conference in 1942 where the leaders of the Nazi regime gather to organize the mass murder of Jews. The film follows the planning that took place at the same location where the film is shot at the Wannsee lake in Berlin.

Where is Anne Frank is an animated film for the whole family. Kitty, who is Anne Frank's imaginary friend, comes to life and sets out in Europe to look for her old friend. During her journey, Kitty discovers the legacy Anne Frank left behind.

In the small village of Alcarràs in Catalonia, it is summer and the peach season is up and running. But the life of the Solé family, who for generations lived by picking peaches, suddenly changes when the owner of the large peach farm dies and his heir decides to sell the land. The Spanish-Italian drama film Alcarràs won the Golden Bear at the 72nd Berlinale.

In Cecilia Neant-Falk's 2003 award-winning documentary Don't you worry, it will probably pass, three teenagers express their thoughts about bisexuality and homosexuality: My, Joppe and Natalie. As a 14-year-old, how should you tell your whole family and friends that you are a lesbian? But how can you not? Much of the material has been contributed and filmed by the girls themselves.

The silence has been a survival strategy for Marion and Ida. But now they've had enough. With their own personal stories of surviving sexual abuse, they have finally found the courage to speak out, no matter the cost. The silence in Sápmi follows Marion and Ida as they both try to find answers to difficult questions about their traumatic experiences. A film about taboos and events that have affected many Sami young women - for generations.

Amparo is a Cannes-winning drama that describes a Colombia that is characterized by corruption, violence and patriarchal structures. The protagonist Amparo is a single mother of two who does everything to save her 18-year-old son from being sent to the most feared front of the civil war and keep the family together.

Titina is an animated film that tells the story of when the Norwegian Roald Amundsen sets off in an airship with the goal of conquering the North Pole. On his journey, he has Umberto Nobile and his dog Titina with him. Umberto Nobile has built the ship and refuses to travel anywhere without his beloved dog. But who is really going to get to take credit for the discovery they make during their journey? Is it Amundsen, Nobile or perhaps rather Titina?

In Belgian Laura Wandel's directorial debut Un Monde (Playground), seven-year-old Nora witnesses her brother Abel being bullied by the other children. She wants to protect him, but when Abel forces her to keep quiet, she is faced with a dilemma and a conflict of loyalties, torn between the worlds of the children and the adults.



Published: 22/06/2023   Last updated: 22/06/2023