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Thursdaypremiere w. 25-26

Prepare for midsummer with six new great Viddla films.

A company in Berlin has designed a humanoid to be a real dream partner. To secure funding for her own research, Alma volunteers to live with the robot Tom for three weeks. Will the robot Tom make her happy? The romantic comedy I’m your man was selected as the German entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

The critically acclaimed, award-winning and Oscar-nominated film Betty Blue from 1986, was directed by the French director Jean-Jacques Beineix and is based on a novel by Philippe Djian. The handyman Zorg, who has dreams of becoming a writer, works on the French coast. One day, the beautiful and wild Betty Blue enters his life.

In the film The big hit an actor starts a theater group in a prison. The play she puts on is In Waiting for Godot and when the set is successful, the group gets permission to take the play on tour outside the prison walls. The only question is whether all the prisoners can handle the journey.

This is Joan Collins is a documentary in which one of the last live actresses from Hollywood's golden age tells the story of her dizzying career. The dynasty star goes through her duties and shares her personal archives in a story about an extraordinary life in the glitter and glamor of the spotlight.

Isolation is a collective documentary in which five established directors from five different European countries each give a unique perspective on the revolutionary year 2020. Michele Placido, Jaco van Dormael, Julia von Heinz, Michael Winterbottom and Olivier Guerpillon explore the dramatic effects of the pandemic in their short films. and the pandemic measures on human life around Europe.

In the documentary Catwalk, we get to follow disabled Emma Örtlund when her dream of walking the catwalk in New York is fulfilled. Together with actors from the Glada Hudik Theater and the founder Pär Johansson, they embark on an exciting and dizzying journey to realize her desire to be in the spotlight.

Published: 23/06/2022   Last updated: 23/06/2022