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Family life in many different forms!

Among the new films in Viddla this week are several titles that deal with different stages of family life. In C’est la vie! a young couple are planning their wedding, but the wedding planner they hired gives them a completely different experience than expected. In the documentary I’m my own Dolly Parton, a group of women in deal with career choices and planning to have children, finding strength in their mutual admiration of country singer Dolly Parton. Clandestine Childhood deals with a young boy’s first love during his family’s struggle against the military dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s. Kick it! is the story of a teenage girl who loves soccer and discovers that she suffers from leukemia but is determined to join to her team and friends on the field again. Before midnight tells the story of a couple who met and fell in love on a train a decade ago. Now that they are in their 40s and have a pair of twins, they start to question their relationship and the life they are living. Finally, we have That good night, where an old and terminally ill mans final wish is to reunite with his son before it is too late.
And if none of these sounds appealing, you could always go for a documentary about people who would do pretty much anything for a couple of sought-after sneakers in the documentary Sneakerheadz.


Published: 13/09/2018   Last updated: 13/09/2018