Kick it!

7 yrs 100 minutes 2014 7.2

Thirteen-year-old Anja loves to play soccer, but when she wants to play with the boys they won’t let her. Jonas seem to think girls shouldn’t play soccer at all, but is this something he says just to get her attention? Anja doesn’t give up and keeps practicing. Even when she discovers that she is suffering from leukemia, she is determined to recover in time for this year’s major tournament. “Most often, movies treat illnesses only within the family life while Kick it! focuses more on school and friends. Educational? Sure, a little, but it never gets arid. One advice - bring handkerchiefs. They will be needed.” writes Annika Gustafsson in Sydsvenskan


The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, family, sport
Director: Katarina Launing
Actor: Mia Helene Solberg Brekke, Victor Papadopoulos Jacobsen, Sigrid Welde
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian