7 yrs 84 minutes 2019 5.3

Madeleine, who lives a modern life in Stockholm, is called home to her father in the countryside with whom she lost contact with after a tragic event. Madeleine's experiences during an intense weekend give her a new picture of the countryside, life and people she left behind a long time ago. In some of the roles we see Ellen Helinder, Peter Sjöquist and Christoffer L Jonsson. Lantisar is a drama comedy directed by Malin Dahl who has also contributed to the script. Angela Ljungkvist on filmfenix.se writes in her review: "Lantisar is an incredibly beautiful and emotional film that offers a lot of laughter and recognition."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, comedy, family
Director: Malin Dahl
Actor: Ellen Helinder, Peter Sjöquist, Christoffer L Jonsson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish