Tomten är far till alla barnen

11 yrs 94 minutes 2000 6.9

Sara invites her three ex-husbands, their new wives and their new children to celebrate Christmas with her new husband Janne. All because of the wish for her children to experience a classical Christmas together with all the parents. During the evening, Janne accidentally reveals to one of the guests that he has had himself sterilized without telling Sara, who, more than anything wants to have children with Janne. Soon everyone at the party knows about Janne’s little surgery, everyone but Sara. At dinner, Sara reveals the happy news: she’s pregnant! Helena Lindblad describes the movie in Dagens Nyheter as a “heartlessly fun satire over the modern Swedish stepfamily with a well-balanced mix of comedy and anxiety. A more mature version of Adam & Eve”.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden