11 yrs 110 minutes 2014 5.7

Johanna is humuliated by her boss at the fashion magazine Dolce Vita where she has been working for too long. She constantly lacks money, her ex-husband has found a younger girl and Johanna´s sex life is non existing. Johanna needs a break. Or at least one trip to the sun with her kids, if she just could afford it. To get extra money she desperately takes the offer as a guinea pig for a new medicine, but the pills may have unexpected side effects. Over the night everything changes. Her anxiousness is like blown away, she feels horny, beautiful and confident. Even the outside world sees her wirh completely new eyes. She helps herself at work and goes on a quest for love in the promising summer night. Life is wonderful. But how long will the pills last?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden