11 yrs 102 minutes 1990 5.7

The time is around 1912. The place is slightly south of Sweden. In a fictional country, student revolts are in progress: The call for democracy and the overthrow of the old regime are heard. The revolt is, however, brutally and ruthlessy quelled by the regime, with Interior Minister Joel Birkman at the forefront. Then the revolutionaries hatch a bold plan: They will place an agent as close to the home minister as possible, with the task of killing him. It falls on young Jacob to fill the role of bodyguard but he is charmed against his will by the daily life of Birkman's family. Will he be able to fulfill his mission anyway? Aftonbladet's Margareta Norlin said, "I might as well say immediately that Suzanne Osten's new film Skyddsängeln is a real cinematic hit. Moviemaking renewal of the kind you longed for. Completely different from her previous bio adventure, yet with an unmistakably ostentatious Osten-esque brand in the celluloid."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, thriller
Director: Suzanne Osten
Actor: Philip Zandén, Etienne Glaser, Malin Ek, Lena Nylén, Gunilla Röör, Björn Kjellman
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish