Så ock på jorden

11 yrs 129 minutes 2015 4.8

Så ock på jorden is an independent continuation of Kay Pollaks Så som i himmelen. Life goes on for the people in the little northern village of Ljusåker after their conductor left them. Behind stayed the love of his life, Lena (Frida Hallgren) pregnant with his child. Lena reluctanly agrees to take care of the music in the village's church. It will be the starting point for a chain of events that wake up people's desire and longing. At the same time, her working methods are highly provocative for the establishment and friends of order. The film has got mixed criticism. Annika Gustafsson handles 2 post-riders in Sydsvenskan and writes: "Such a review of usually competent actors, has not been present in Swedish films for a very long time" Aftonbladet Jan-Olov Andersson is one of the most positive: "Here's every single scene of life and death, which means that Hallgren, Falk and Jähkel in different ways hug all of their characters. Here are some amazing engaging scenes. But also the overflow of others, like in a pilsner film. "

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, audio description
Director: Kay Pollak
Actor: Frida Hallgren, Niklas Falk, Jakob Oftebro, Lennart JähkelA, Thomas Hanzon, Björn Granath
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish