King of Atlantis

11 yrs 89 minutes 2019 6.6

This drama comedy is based on a true story. We meet the father Magnus (Philip Zandén) and his son Samuel (Simon Settergren). Samuel has been caring for his schizophrenic father Magnus for almost his entire life. Magnus thinks he is the king of Atlantis, and Samuel is his prince. Suddenly Cleo shows up (Happy Jankell) and Samuel falls in love immediately, he is now faced with the choice to create his own life instead of being responsible for his dad. Sofia Olsson at SVT: s Kulturnyheterna writes that she has "a warm feeling of having been enriched with a whole new type of father-son-story and a rich depiction of a demonized disease". In Aftonbladet Jens Peterson writes “The film stands firmly on the children's side and wants to show the right to choose their own life. But also, how difficult it can be to break patterns and release feelings of guilt."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, comedy
Director: Marina Nyström, Soni Jörgensen
Actor: Simon Settergren, Philip Zandén, Happy Jankell
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish