Attila Marcel

11 yrs 106 minutes 2013 7.0

Thirty-year-old Paul lives a structured life with his two aunts in an apartment in Paris. The aunts have raised Paul since he was 2 years old and all the time, he has been completely mute. The only sounds that come from him are the sweet tones from the piano he plays daily in the salon and as an accompanist to the aunts' dance classes. But Madame Proust, an odd neighbor, thinks she has a method of opening up the buttoned-up Paul. She offers him a homemade herbal tea which, like a madeleine cake, makes Paul's memory wake up and give him the key to his own life. Attila Marcel is a French comedy-drama with musical elements.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, music
Director: Sylvain Chomet
Actor: Guillaume Gouix, Anne Le Ny, Bernadette Lafont, Helene Vincent, Luis Rego, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Fanny Touron, Kea Kaing, Cyril Couton
Country: France
Language: French