11 yrs 122 minutes 2017 6.9

In this moving and tragic portrayal of the French singer Dalida, we get to know an emotional and complex woman who was born to be a star. Dalida had an eventful and exciting life, from her birth in Cairo in 1933, to her first concert at Olympia in Paris in 1956. From the marriage with Lucien Moricce to the disco movement’s most talked about artist. In Sweden, her songs have become famous in versions of Anita Lindblom, Siw Malmqvist and Lill-babs, but few people knows the woman behind the songs. Jeanette Gentele rates the film 5 out of 6 in SvD and states that “This film feels like a mutual work of love by the relatively unknown lead role and the director. It’s a big and courageous move and it works”.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Biography, drama, music
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Actor: Sveva Alviti, Riccardo Scarmarcio, Jean-Paul Rouve, Nicolas Duvauchelle
Country: France
Language: French, Italian