7 yrs 90 minutes 2015 7.3

Twice a year, the world's oldest horse race, Palio, is held in the Italian city of Siena. The city's different areas, contrador, compete against each other and both horses and starting numbers in the competition are raffled. In this race both strategy, bribery and corruption play an equal role to the skill of the riders. They ride bareback and everything is allowed except to whip others' horses. The legendary rider Gigi Bruschelli has won 13 Palios over the past 16 years and is accused of monopolizing the race. He is two races from beating the world record and Bruschelli will do everything to win, but this time his young adept Giovanni Atzeni has decided to also go for victory.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Drama, sport, family
Actor: Cosima Spender
Starring: Silvano Vigni, Andrea Degortes, Gigi Bruschelli, Giovanni Atzeni
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Italian