To the Sea

Allowed 73 minutes 2009 7.2

To the Sea is a low pace movie, with room for reflection, depicting a kind of reunion and a deepened relationship between a little boy and his father. It is also a depiction of a life in close association with nature. The boy Natan lives in Rome with his Italian mother but is on vacation during the summer to visit his dad, who lives in a simple house at the paradise-like Banco Chinchorro in the Gulf of Mexico. With a documentary observational style, with no narration or other explanatory means, through a series of daily scenes, we get to follow their lives at the sea; free diving among coral reefs, boat trips and fishing, boat maintenance, cooking and philosophizing over the evening coffee to the birds' song.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Drama, nature, family
Director: Pedro González-Rubio
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish