Sandor Slash Ida

7 yrs 93 minutes 2005 5.2

Henrik Georgsson directed this film, based on Sara Kadefors, August prise winning book about two sixteen year olds that start chating online. Sandor, who lives in Gothenburg, dances ballet and misses his friend, the beautiful and popular Ida, who lives Stockholm, is constantly out of turn, but also takes care of her depressed mother. They talk about problems they dare not discuss with anyone else and discover that they are not alone in life but there is someone else who has it just as difficult. But when they get together they discover that there are also differences between them.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, family
Director: Henrik Georgsson
Actor: Aliette Opheim, Andrej Lunusjkin, Lia Boysen, Daniel Larsson, Svetlana Rodina-Ljungkvist, Georgi Staykov
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish