7 yrs 98 minutes 1987 6.3

It's the first day of summer vacation! Jojje, Jerker and Fabian want to go out sailing on Lake Mälaren, so they simply steal a sailboat. But a storm breaks out and the boat capsizes and everyone thinks that the boys died. But instead the trio have stolen a new boat and are having the time of their life together with, among others, the crazy count Gösta Leerhousen. When Allan Edwall filmed the novel Mälarpirater, he moved the story from the book's turn of the century to the fifties, but managed to stay truest to the source material of all of the three filmizations made. Margareta Norlin in the movie magazine Chaplin found that "the strength of the film lies entirely in the psychological game between the boys, and the changes that their friendship goes through."

The film is not playable outside of Sweden