All i want for Christmas

Allowed 92 minutes 2018 5.6

In this Danish family film, twelve-year-old Lucia from Greenland dreams of one day becoming Santa Claus, just like her father. But no girl has ever been Santa Claus before, and even though Lucia goes to Santa school, only the boys can really become Santa Claus. When Lucia insists that it is unfair, she is given an assignment to prove her worth - she must help a little boy whose father suffers from a mysterious illness.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Family, adventure, children
Director: Christian Dyekjær
Actor: Ella Testa Kusk, Peter Sejer Winther, Martin Buch, Anders Brink Madsen, Mia Lyhne
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish