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Thursdaypremiere w. 11-12

Continue the party after the Academy Awards with the new films in Viddla!

Apollo the cricket gets into trouble when the cunning Wendy, Queen Marguerite's cousin, accuses him of having kidnapped the queen bee, even though some evil vermin are behind it. Now he must fight to clear his name and save both the queen bee and the village from the pests. Join Apollo on his adventures in the animated film Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings.

In the Danish animated film Dreambuilders, we meet twelve-year-old Minna, whose perfectly ordered life is tested when the stepsister Jenny – who is impossible to stand – moves in. Maybe the Dreambuilders can help? They can rearrange Jenny's dreams, and thus also change Jenny. That sounds like a good idea, Minna thinks. Or?

One day, thirteen-year-old Blaze becomes the only witness to a woman being subjected to a violent assault. The woman is left dead in an alley. To escape his horrific experiences, Blaze disappears into her fantasy worlds. With the help of the company of a dragon she has had as a companion since childhood, Blaze tries to move on from the traumatic experience. The film Blaze received attention at several film festivals around the world.

French filmmaker Alice Wincours Revoir Paris depicts how one of the victims of the 2015 Paris attacks, Mia, heals her trauma by recreating her memories. For help, Mia has other survivors from the restaurant where the attack took place. "A searching, slightly soulful camera captures details and fragments of everyday life, which become significant carriers of Mia's memories, guiding her towards some kind of ending," writes Fredrik Sahlin in SVT Kultur.

In Diary of a fleeting affair, a single mother meets a married man with whom she begins a relationship. We get to follow how their relationship turns into something more than what they have agreed on. Will their relationship be destroyed when they develop feelings for each other?

In The Best Years, childhood friends Giulio, Paolo and Riccardo have decided to always stick together, until they meet a woman who will play a big role in their lives. We get to follow them through their dreams and mistakes in Rome from the 80s to the present day.

Published: 13/03/2024   Last updated: 13/03/2024