Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings

Allowed 88 minutes 2017 4.6

Apollo the cricket has got into trouble. The pleasant little village he settled in after a vagabond life as an artist, turned out to be not at all as funny and pleasant as he had hoped it to be. Instead, he is set up by the cunning Wendy, Queen Marguerite's cousin, and is suddenly accused of having kidnapped the queen bee, even though some evil vermins are behind it all. Now he must fight to clear his name and save both the queen bee and the village from the pests. Join Apollo on his adventures in the animated film Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings, based on the illustrated story by Antoon Kring.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Adventure, animation, children, comedy
Director: Arnaud Bouron, Antoon Krings
Country: France, Luxembourg
Language: Swedish